Why consider doing photography volunteering in your community

A picture can speak a thousand word. Professional photography is a good paying career which is being offered in the various institution of higher learning. As a way of paying back to the community, professional photographers can and have been offering their services in community-based programs and Not For Profit organisations (NFP). This helps in the marketing process for the profession as well as benefiting the organisations. Apart from professional photographers, students or people who have a passion for photography can offer volunteer photography in the community-based projects.

This not only inputs the volunteer experience but also gives him a good reputation and can be contacted in future for a well-paying project in the area of photography. There are various fields where volunteer photography can be offered:

Community events photography

One can offer volunteer photography in the local community events such as in the launchings of projects by Local Non-Profit organisations in the area. This will give the photographer the necessary experience in professional photography and can boost one’s portfolio while applying for well-paying jobs. For professional photographers, it is a way of giving back to the community. Well-established organisations can also offer volunteer photography to the community as part of a corporate social responsibility.

Cancer /health charities

Volunteer photography can be given to cancer and other health related projects used to raise awareness to the community. This is a noble course as it is used to save lives. Donations to cancer patients can also be raised through the volunteer photography whereby the photographer can take and spread the pictures online for donations. Click here !

Social work and environmental conservation awareness projects

Volunteer photography can be used in social work projects by taking pictures of social workers helping the community in various activities such as garbage collection. This can be used to in campaigns against littering which can be beneficial to the community at large. Pictures of a dump site can be used to warn against irresponsible dumping. Photography can also be involved in projects such a tree planting activities in a given local area. The volunteer photography stands a chance of gaining recognition from environmentalists and the government which can grow once career.

Orphans and vulnerable children

A picture of orphans can be used to raise funds to cater for their expenses. A volunteer photography can visit children’s homes and take photos portraying what the orphans are going through in the orphanage. This can change the lives of the orphans because well wishers can give donations and food to the orphans. This can make the photographer gain a vast experience in the field of photography.

Both professional and learning photographers can offer volunteer services to the community because both the community and the photographer wins mutually. Photography can be used to change lives of people who are vulnerable and suffering in the community. Awareness campaigns also need photography services for their success and for the campaign to reach a good number of people in the society and worldwide. Cheers as we change lives through voluntary photography, see more here: