Photography Apps

The Top 7 Photography Apps for Your Smartphone’s and Tablets

Photography apps have never been more popular. Over the last few years alone, the digital age has come alive and with more Smartphones and tablets giving users the ability to take photos. However, standard cameras can be good but not quite good enough to offer a high-quality standard as a professional digital camera.

That problem has led to many app creators to come up with the idea of photo apps so that users can take pictures and improve the look of their pictures as well. So, what are the top seven photography apps you might want to check out today? Read on to find out more.

The Pudding Camera

Built for Android, the Pudding Camera is an excellent photography app. If you wanted to replace the current camera on an Android device, this could be the ideal solution as it offers a quality finish.

Users will have the ability to choose from nine different high-quality cameras and the effects are endless too. Motion shots are available with a retro film and there are also panoramic and vintage films too. This has to be one of the very best photography apps of today and it’s even free so that’s even better!

The Camera +

For those who have Apple devices such as the iPad and the iPhone, the Camera + has to be the ideal photo app for you; it’s fast, effective, and very easy to use. Anyone who wants to replace their current camera option might want to consider the Camera +. This really offers a lot of features that adds more charm and appeal to your photos and you get to be more in control of how you take a picture. You can play around with the focus and exposure which is great and with a few taps of your finger you can totally change the photo around.


This app has become one of the most popular applications of all time. Instagram allows you to take photographs, share them with other people and edit them too. This is truly the photo app for you and the best thing of all, you can use it as a social networking site. It’s multi-functional and that’s really impressive. However, Instagram does offer a lot of simple features for photography and it’s easy to use as well.

Photo Grid

For those who are using Instagram, Photo Grid might be ideal. Photo Grid is able to run with a host of operating systems such as Android, IOS, and Windows Phone 8 and can be used to take Instagram photos. There are a wide variety of features allowing you to rearrange the photos however you like. Photography apps like this don’t come around very often so it’s nice to see how well this works out. The added features are great too and you can really be as creative as you like here. checkout latest information at


Another great photography app has to be

Hipstamatic. This app is very impressive to say the least as it allows users the ability to shoot square photos. When you shoot the photos and you see them for the first time after, you will see there is a nice vintage feel to them. It can appear as though you’ve taken the pictures with an old or antique camera. It’s a nice touch and it has to be one of the best photography apps of today. You can choose your effects and there are lots of options to consider as well.

The 360 Panorama

For those who love to take panorama shots, the 360 Panorama has to be the one for you. This is truly a wonderful app and one that can also process the photo in real time which isn’t often seen today. There is a real quickness or snappy feel to the app and that is really nice to say the least. What is more, you can get a simple app without any difficulty. Photography apps such as this will make taking photos easier than ever before.

Snap Seed

Photography Apps

Snap Seed is a great little tool for Android and Apple based devices. You have the ability to edit a photo and really make it unique! However, the app is easy to use even when you haven’t used any photo editing apps before. You can mix up the contrast, brightness, and a whole lot of other things if you so wish. There are also lots of filters to choose from and as one of the best photography apps, it offers lots of great features. This isn’t a free app, however, but it doesn’t cost a lot of money either so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about costs. for more information, visit their official website.

Make Your Photos Unique

Who wouldn’t want to create unique and exciting photographs? Sometimes, a standard camera doesn’t offer what you need from it and it’s a big problem with a lot of smart phones and tablet PC’s.

However, with simple photo apps, you can see a simpler and more effective way of crafting a photograph however you would like. Why not use photography apps and see how creative you can be?