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Cool Picture Ideas – Online

Do you have any cool pictures? For most, they love the idea of taking really cool pictures with their cameras but just aren’t sure how to go about it.

They can buy the best cameras or the best camera applications but what about the actual picture ideas? This often catches a lot of people out because they really don’t know what to take pictures of.

Yes, you can always opt for a regular sunrise as a lot of new photographers do but what about choosing something a little more special or unique? The following are just a few ideas to consider when it comes to crafting a cool picture.

Consider Double Exposure Photography

When you opt for double exposure pictures, you can truly see so much quality in your pictures and it’s something you really want to think about. Now, you might think this isn’t going to add anything more to your photos but in truth they can. You can play around with the exposure and get far more creative and cool photos. If you aren’t sure about this, you can great some photo apps installed onto your phone and start getting creative. You can take pictures of simple everyday items but turn them into something more with double exposures.

Scale Model Villages in Your Living Room

You can create a wonderful mock studio or model village right in the comfort of your own home. If you have some things lying around the house, you could use them to create a little village. This can give you a great idea for a cool picture and it’s really easy to do as well. Photo apps for Android are easy enough to use and you should be able to offer a really cool picture too. If you don’t want to create a lot of scenery, you can use figurines, Lego and a lot of other simple characters available. You will be surprised with how your pictures turn out with a few tweaks. for additional tips, go to

Blind Shoot

You want a challenge? Why not go to the local beach or seaside, sit on the sand, close your eyes and snap away? This will really give you a wonderful way to take pictures without really looking for the perfect photo opp. You might think this is crazy and that you can’t create any cool pictures with this method but it could prove useful. When you aren’t looking for the perfect picture, its right in front of you, so why not try this? It really can be a simple and effective way of taking some cool pictures without really trying.

Cool Picture Ideas

Use Photo Apps to Create Some Unique Photos

There are a dozen different things that can create cool photos and until you get your camera, you never know what can turn out to be a cool picture.

You can use a lot of fancy photo apps and editing software but, sometimes, what’s in front of you works best. Always have your camera to hand so that if you think you’ve found the ideal picture, take it. This will really allow you the best opportunity to snap away whenever you feel like it. Use photo apps for Android and capture wonderful pictures.