Why consider doing photography volunteering in your community

A picture can speak a thousand word. Professional photography is a good paying career which is being offered in the various institution of higher learning. As a way of paying back to the community, professional photographers can and have been offering their services in community-based programs and Not For Profit organisations (NFP). This helps in the marketing process for the profession as well as benefiting the organisations. Apart from professional photographers, students or people who have a passion for photography can offer volunteer photography in the community-based projects.

This not only inputs the volunteer experience but also gives him a good reputation and can be contacted in future for a well-paying project in the area of photography. There are various fields where volunteer photography can be offered:

Community events photography

One can offer volunteer photography in the local community events such as in the launchings of projects by Local Non-Profit organisations in the area. This will give the photographer the necessary experience in professional photography and can boost one’s portfolio while applying for well-paying jobs. For professional photographers, it is a way of giving back to the community. Well-established organisations can also offer volunteer photography to the community as part of a corporate social responsibility.

Cancer /health charities

Volunteer photography can be given to cancer and other health related projects used to raise awareness to the community. This is a noble course as it is used to save lives. Donations to cancer patients can also be raised through the volunteer photography whereby the photographer can take and spread the pictures online for donations. Click here !

Social work and environmental conservation awareness projects

Volunteer photography can be used in social work projects by taking pictures of social workers helping the community in various activities such as garbage collection. This can be used to in campaigns against littering which can be beneficial to the community at large. Pictures of a dump site can be used to warn against irresponsible dumping. Photography can also be involved in projects such a tree planting activities in a given local area. The volunteer photography stands a chance of gaining recognition from environmentalists and the government which can grow once career.

Orphans and vulnerable children

A picture of orphans can be used to raise funds to cater for their expenses. A volunteer photography can visit children’s homes and take photos portraying what the orphans are going through in the orphanage. This can change the lives of the orphans because well wishers can give donations and food to the orphans. This can make the photographer gain a vast experience in the field of photography.

Both professional and learning photographers can offer volunteer services to the community because both the community and the photographer wins mutually. Photography can be used to change lives of people who are vulnerable and suffering in the community. Awareness campaigns also need photography services for their success and for the campaign to reach a good number of people in the society and worldwide. Cheers as we change lives through voluntary photography, see more here:

Photography Apps

The Top 7 Photography Apps for Your Smartphone’s and Tablets

Photography apps have never been more popular. Over the last few years alone, the digital age has come alive and with more Smartphones and tablets giving users the ability to take photos. However, standard cameras can be good but not quite good enough to offer a high-quality standard as a professional digital camera.

That problem has led to many app creators to come up with the idea of photo apps so that users can take pictures and improve the look of their pictures as well. So, what are the top seven photography apps you might want to check out today? Read on to find out more.

The Pudding Camera

Built for Android, the Pudding Camera is an excellent photography app. If you wanted to replace the current camera on an Android device, this could be the ideal solution as it offers a quality finish.

Users will have the ability to choose from nine different high-quality cameras and the effects are endless too. Motion shots are available with a retro film and there are also panoramic and vintage films too. This has to be one of the very best photography apps of today and it’s even free so that’s even better!

The Camera +

For those who have Apple devices such as the iPad and the iPhone, the Camera + has to be the ideal photo app for you; it’s fast, effective, and very easy to use. Anyone who wants to replace their current camera option might want to consider the Camera +. This really offers a lot of features that adds more charm and appeal to your photos and you get to be more in control of how you take a picture. You can play around with the focus and exposure which is great and with a few taps of your finger you can totally change the photo around.


This app has become one of the most popular applications of all time. Instagram allows you to take photographs, share them with other people and edit them too. This is truly the photo app for you and the best thing of all, you can use it as a social networking site. It’s multi-functional and that’s really impressive. However, Instagram does offer a lot of simple features for photography and it’s easy to use as well.

Photo Grid

For those who are using Instagram, Photo Grid might be ideal. Photo Grid is able to run with a host of operating systems such as Android, IOS, and Windows Phone 8 and can be used to take Instagram photos. There are a wide variety of features allowing you to rearrange the photos however you like. Photography apps like this don’t come around very often so it’s nice to see how well this works out. The added features are great too and you can really be as creative as you like here. checkout latest information at


Another great photography app has to be

Hipstamatic. This app is very impressive to say the least as it allows users the ability to shoot square photos. When you shoot the photos and you see them for the first time after, you will see there is a nice vintage feel to them. It can appear as though you’ve taken the pictures with an old or antique camera. It’s a nice touch and it has to be one of the best photography apps of today. You can choose your effects and there are lots of options to consider as well.

The 360 Panorama

For those who love to take panorama shots, the 360 Panorama has to be the one for you. This is truly a wonderful app and one that can also process the photo in real time which isn’t often seen today. There is a real quickness or snappy feel to the app and that is really nice to say the least. What is more, you can get a simple app without any difficulty. Photography apps such as this will make taking photos easier than ever before.

Snap Seed

Photography Apps

Snap Seed is a great little tool for Android and Apple based devices. You have the ability to edit a photo and really make it unique! However, the app is easy to use even when you haven’t used any photo editing apps before. You can mix up the contrast, brightness, and a whole lot of other things if you so wish. There are also lots of filters to choose from and as one of the best photography apps, it offers lots of great features. This isn’t a free app, however, but it doesn’t cost a lot of money either so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about costs. for more information, visit their official website.

Make Your Photos Unique

Who wouldn’t want to create unique and exciting photographs? Sometimes, a standard camera doesn’t offer what you need from it and it’s a big problem with a lot of smart phones and tablet PC’s.

However, with simple photo apps, you can see a simpler and more effective way of crafting a photograph however you would like. Why not use photography apps and see how creative you can be?

Cool Photo Effects

Enhancing Your Pictures with Cool Photo Effects

Can photography apps enhance a simple picture?

You might not think so, but simple photo effects can absolutely enhance a photograph and really make your photos so much more appealing. Anyone can edit their photos and make a unique and outstanding picture with photo effects and photo apps. These are going to be the simplest tools available that will make your life so much easier and you can have a lot of fun playing around with them too.

Work In Contrast with Colors

Working with a bit of contrast can really enhance a photo in so many ways and you will find it’s really nice. You can have a lot of fun with contrast and that is one of the biggest and best reasons to look at contrasting and alter it. There is no real need to go well over-the-top with this and you can opt for a more subtle approach if you so wish. Contrast and changing colors even slightly can really be effective and enhance any photo. With a photo editing tool you can absolutely see a wonderful change and it’s something you can use to your advantage as well. It’s something to think about, especially if you love the idea of editing and altering the contrast of a picture.

Why Not Choose Something Vintage or Retro?

Photography apps can be used to help bring a lovely retro or vintage appeal to the photos. These types of effects can enhance a photo more so than you might think. You could look at adding a gothic effect to the photo or a Victorian style. These styles can work amazingly well and, with a bit of tweaking, you can get a wonderful photograph.

However, this can take a little time to get right so have fun with your collaborations and you will see the results take hold sooner or later. A gothic element to a picture can really be lovely and it’s something you will adore too. get latest news and updates at

Why Do Photo Effects Matter?

Let’s be honest, when you’re trying to enhance a photograph, it can be difficult because there is only so much you can do with a photo. However, if you look into different photo effects, you can change things around and make them far more interesting than ever before. That is truly something you want to consider because it will make your photos so much better. With a simple photo editing tool you can absolutely add so much to your photos. These tools are going to make your photos far more effective and will look better too which is what you actually want. Photo effects matter and you really need to consider using them to their fullest advantage.

Cool Photo Effects

Making Your Photos Standout

There are hundreds of people who really love the idea of creating unique photographs but sometimes it isn’t easy with regular cameras which are why special apps are widely sought. There are lots of amazing apps that can enhance a photo and make it a one-of-a-kind image! If you can find some simple tools you can make your photos better and editing tools are the ones to look for. With a great photo editing tool you can enhance your photos.

Cool Picture Ideas

Cool Picture Ideas – Online

Do you have any cool pictures? For most, they love the idea of taking really cool pictures with their cameras but just aren’t sure how to go about it.

They can buy the best cameras or the best camera applications but what about the actual picture ideas? This often catches a lot of people out because they really don’t know what to take pictures of.

Yes, you can always opt for a regular sunrise as a lot of new photographers do but what about choosing something a little more special or unique? The following are just a few ideas to consider when it comes to crafting a cool picture.

Consider Double Exposure Photography

When you opt for double exposure pictures, you can truly see so much quality in your pictures and it’s something you really want to think about. Now, you might think this isn’t going to add anything more to your photos but in truth they can. You can play around with the exposure and get far more creative and cool photos. If you aren’t sure about this, you can great some photo apps installed onto your phone and start getting creative. You can take pictures of simple everyday items but turn them into something more with double exposures.

Scale Model Villages in Your Living Room

You can create a wonderful mock studio or model village right in the comfort of your own home. If you have some things lying around the house, you could use them to create a little village. This can give you a great idea for a cool picture and it’s really easy to do as well. Photo apps for Android are easy enough to use and you should be able to offer a really cool picture too. If you don’t want to create a lot of scenery, you can use figurines, Lego and a lot of other simple characters available. You will be surprised with how your pictures turn out with a few tweaks. for additional tips, go to

Blind Shoot

You want a challenge? Why not go to the local beach or seaside, sit on the sand, close your eyes and snap away? This will really give you a wonderful way to take pictures without really looking for the perfect photo opp. You might think this is crazy and that you can’t create any cool pictures with this method but it could prove useful. When you aren’t looking for the perfect picture, its right in front of you, so why not try this? It really can be a simple and effective way of taking some cool pictures without really trying.

Cool Picture Ideas

Use Photo Apps to Create Some Unique Photos

There are a dozen different things that can create cool photos and until you get your camera, you never know what can turn out to be a cool picture.

You can use a lot of fancy photo apps and editing software but, sometimes, what’s in front of you works best. Always have your camera to hand so that if you think you’ve found the ideal picture, take it. This will really allow you the best opportunity to snap away whenever you feel like it. Use photo apps for Android and capture wonderful pictures.